No fluff.

I am sure you have seen the external job postings you see on other websites. They are called external providers or aggregators, and is what is known as backfilling. They do that to show their site is thriving and has a full database, and get paid for it. In return, the back fill providers gets traffic. A win win for both. However, we feel it is somewhat dishonest as it takes you to a different job board and provides you with a less then optimal user experience. The job postings often have to be imported by XML feed in a batch job, or via API and only allow limited characters and markup. In addition, the backfill provider might suddenly stop providing and then you are left with no jobs at all.

All in all it will cost you a great deal of time, uncertainty, and potential security problems by sending you of to external links. You didn’t come to the board for that, you came to post a job. Or hire a guru. We don’t want to send you away for that. We have enough trust in our own board to make that happen. 

We don’t aggregate jobs. We might not have many jobs right now but we want to only have high quality jobs without compromise. This will save you time by clicking only on relevant jobs and not linking to external sites. This distracts you as a customer and takes you out of our goal of giving you a smooth user experience. You can see us as we are, a board sticking to it’s guns and having only high quality job postings, even that is just one.