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The purpose of this team is Azure Data base team, Azure customer, Azure SQL. Focus is on community work, in terms of online communities, user groups, developers (audience), they come together for events, about twice a month, from the social media community, anything that is relation to community elements, MVPs who creates content or blogs, give them plates to show recognition, hear their feedback, what they want us to do, customer focused role.

This role will contribute to growth and engagement, influencers, enhance participation in the community, rhythm of business, must have good program managment skills.

The role will consist of phases, building out the decks, the strategy is already complete, this contractor will help make it happen, attend meetings build out the plan for how they are going to do it, sending out updates, tracking process, a lot of execution.

Candidate Requirements
• Years of Experience Required: 7+ overall years of experience in the field.
• Degrees or certifications required: No degree is required to be eligible for this role.
• Disqualifiers: Candidates with no community work, no experience with events marketing, & building a program, tech experience will not be eligible for the role.
• Best vs. Average: The ideal resume would contain Community work, big tech, program management experience.
• Performance Indicators: Performance will be assessed based on meeting deadlines & pays close attention to detail.

Top 3 Hard Skills Required + Years of Experience
1. Minimum 7+ years experience with building PowerPoint decks.
2. Minimum 7+ years experience with SharePoint site experience.
3. Minimum 7+ years experience with communication/writes articulately.

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