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$38 – $42 Hourly

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Sales Execution

  • Engages in conversations with customers to introduce how other workloads could enable digital transformation areas that is aligned with the customer’s industry. Has a fundamental understanding of customers’ business to initiate conversations with customers on digital transformation in a single solution area, in collaboration with partners and services. Shares learning on digital transformation through seminars, workshops, Webinars, and direct engagement.
  • Collaborates with team members to discover new opportunities. Drives incremental revenue growth through personal campaigns (e.g., portfolio analysis) or internal sources (e.g., marketing, account teams). Collaborates with account teams, partners, or services to track, qualify, and expand new opportunities. Collaborates with other teams (e.g., account teams) and services to build pipeline. Interfaces with customers and builds relationships via social selling. Applies sales process to determine the quality of the opportunity and whether to proceed.
  • Identifies opportunities to drive consumption and grow business with existing customers by initiating conversations, providing demos or quotes, and collaborating with partners or internal teams (e.g., Technical Sales Professionals, global black belts [GBBs]); or licensing transactions and project engagements, ensures rapid and robust deployment plan at point of sale that is validated by services and partners. Identifies, articulates, and facilitates the removal of blockers to consumption by partnering with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Identifies customer business needs and technical readiness. Collaborates with internal teams, partners, and services to propose prioritized solutions that align with customers’ needs. Leverages the value propositions to communicate business impact of proposed solutions.
  • Develops an understanding of external stakeholders’ mapping, including who the decision makers and influencers are. Participates with account teams (e.g., Account Executives) in communication with business or subject matter decision makers at the customer’s/partner’s business.
  • Implements strategies to help accelerate the closing of deals in collaboration with other team members. Implements close plans (e.g., how to map timeline, engage the customer, get customer buy in and commitment) to de-risk and drive predictable deal closure.

Scaling and Collaboration

  • Collaborates with One Commercial Partner (OCP) and with a network of partners to cross-sell, up-sell, and co-sell products, solutions and services.
  • Identifies new partners by researching and discussing with partners on customer scenarios. Develops joint proposals and consumption plans with partners. Implements partner strategies to scale the business.
  • Applies the orchestration model to support deal closure by identifying and aligning internal stakeholders and leveraging relationships with partners.

Technical Expertise

  • Researches competitor products, solutions, and/or services and collaborates with the “compete” global black belts (GBBs) to implement strategies to position our company against competitors in customer communication.

Sales Excellence

  • Collaborates with partners and resources and leverages customer insights or industry knowledge. Contributes to exploring business and emerging opportunities to optimize the portfolio and support customer innovation.
  • Reviews feedback report and coaches others on ensuring customer/partner satisfaction and decreasing dissatisfaction by establishing recovery action plans to improve clients’ overall experience. Manages and/or orchestrates sales and delivery success through the account team and pursuit team. Collaborates with partners and resources and learns about customer business. Supports senior team members to explore business and emerging opportunities.
  • Participates in rhythm-of-business (ROB) meetings to review and plan for accounts in the assigned territory.
  • Collaborates with extended sales team, partners, and marketing to conduct business analysis (e.g., whitespace analysis, identify industry trends) to pursue high-potential customers and develop a target list of potential business.
  • Manages the end-to-end business of the assigned territory. Conducts forecasting for accounts and develops a portfolio and territory plan to drive intentional selling aligned with strategic priorities.
  • Embody our culture and values

The purpose of this team is bringing the power of technology to every nonprofit and humanitarian organization to accelerate Social Good. This organization will bring together our donation and grants programs, industry solutions, commercial sales efforts and partner ecosystems to empower nonprofits globally to address the world’s most pressing needs. Profits generated from this business will be reapplied to scaling operations and investments for public good investments. This is a dynamic and fast-growing business focused on helping organizations on the front line of change to do their best work to create inclusive and enduring positive impact throughout our communities.

This role will contribute to driving new engagements by delivering Azure competitive positioning for Azure Apps & Infrastructure workloads. Position Security, Data, Apps and Support unique competitive edge.

  • Maximize new Azure customer acquisition in your territory working closely with partners to land new workload wins and apply RACA practices for sustainable growth
  • Generate and maintain a qualified consumption engagement pipeline by executing against territory plans and the FY25 sales priorities, leveraging key Azure programs to accelerate project wins (AMMP, ESI, FTA)
  • Proactively deliver solution demonstrations, Whiteboarding, etc. of Azure Apps & Infrastructure platform and services to gain customer commitment through an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and Business Case.
  • Work closely with your territory aligned DSR, CSA an CE teams to support delivery of technical proof required to win the technical decision and commercial ROI to secure new business
  • Leverage Customer Skilling Programs (VTD, CSC, ESI, OpenHacks , CSA-Led Workshops) to educate customers on Azure Capability & uncover new opp.

Typical task breakdown and operating rhythm: The role will consist of:
• 40% acquisition – driving net new business
• 30% – maintains /developing existing businesses
• 30% – internal admin and syncing

Candidate Requirements:

  • Years of Experience Required: 6+ overall years of experience in the field.
  • Degrees or certifications required: No degree is required to be eligible for this role, but a bachelor’s degree in information technology, Business Administration, or related field is preferred.
  • Disqualifiers: Candidates without experience selling cloud services like Azure to customers will not be eligible for the role.
  • Best vs. Average: The ideal resume would contain prior sales exp at large cloud service providers and significant previous experience with data & AI. Candidates that had previous experience as an Azure CSM (Customer Support Manager) have been successful in this role.
  • Performance Indicators: Performance will be assessed based on sales pipelines generated and revenue landed as a result of their work.

Top 3 Hard Skills Required + Years of Experience
1. Minimum 3 years experience with Azure sales experience
2. Minimum 4 years experience with understanding SQL, data warehousing technology
3. Minimum 4 years experience with selling technology to customers.

The target hiring compensation range for this role is the equivalent of $38 to $42 an hour. Compensation is based on several factors including, but not limited to education, relevant work experience, relevant certifications, and location.
Additional benefits offered may include; medical health insurance and dental insurance, life insurance, and eligibility to participate in 401k plan with company match.

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