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$58 – $60 an hour

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The purpose of this team is part of the CXP and specifically works on a customer-facing product called Azure Advisor. Their main focus is on creating customer-facing documentation, as well as documentation for internal users. Other tasks include preparing newsletters and possibly helping with demo scripts, although these are secondary to the main task of documentation.

This role will contribute by creating customer-facing documentation and possibly assisting with demo scripts. The technical writer is expected to work with the product management and engineering team to produce documentation for both customers and internal users.
The role will consist of 50% Writing Technical Documentation, 10% Self-training and Product Exploration, 40% Participation in Calls
Gaining unique experience with Azure and cloud optimization is highlighted as a significant advantage. This experience is considered a valuable, transferable skill regardless of the cloud service platform the candidate may work on in the future.

Candidates with Lack of Experience with Enterprise Solutions, no writing sample/portfolio provided aside resume, and lack of experience with GitHub will not be eligible for the role.

Best vs. Average: The ideal resume would contain experience with cloud optimization solutions, which is considered a significant advantage. This experience makes their profile more attractive for the role and indicates a higher level of technical proficiency. The ability to learn complex technical concepts quickly is highly valued and having strong ability to work with GitHub, as it is the main content platform for the role.

Top 3 Hard Skills Required + Years of Experience
1. Minimum 5+ years experience with Technical Knowledge of GitHub
2. Minimum 5+ years experience with High technical/ Cloud Optimization Solution
3. Minimum 5+ years experience with Azure Cloud

Hard Skills Assessments
• Expected Dates that Hard Skills Assessments will be scheduled: asap
• Hard Skills Assessment Process: The assessment process will include 1-2 rounds
• Required Candidate Preparation: Candidates should have writing samples/ portfolio prior to the assessment.

The target hiring compensation range for this role is the equivalent of $58 to $60 an hour. Compensation is based on several factors including, but not limited to education, relevant work experience, relevant certifications, and location.
Additional benefits offered may include; medical health insurance and dental insurance, life insurance, and eligibility to participate in 401k plan with company match.

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