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$40 – $42 Hourly

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This team sits within the CXP organization a part – they are responsible for 4 products oriented around communications to internal stakeholders and external customers. Communications are oriented around un-planned events / outages in the Azure space primarily and planned events (planned maintenance, planned retirement, planned security advisory) to let internal stakeholders and external customers know about these planned events.

o Also has a product that does outage management (an outage occurs, and they have a set of users who coordinate the response, status, management of that outage) – this product used in this capacity
• Key projects: This role will contribute to
o Documentation focused on users (internal / external) that focuses on how to communicate, how to use a product and provide video documentation showing how the feature works / how to use / how to use the value.
o Learn across all 4 products and help deliver value that is delivered through user documentation for comms and management
• Typical task breakdown and operating rhythm:
o Expectation of this person will engage in sponsor’s ROB team meetings, attend the stand-ups for the various products (typically daily or weekly depending)
– 20-25% meetings, 70-75% creating artifacts/reviewing work for features they are developing (written word, video content, etc. – gaining understanding of what the engineering team is doing / what the feature is supposed to do / gathering info to create articles)

Compelling Story & Candidate Value Proposition
• What makes this role interesting? –
o Organization is a part of the azure product – azure is a major growth engine for (one of the biggest well-known companies and they are right in the center for a growth driver) – great place to be
o They are working to improve customer experience using azure features – they are communicating planned/unplanned events to give customers a good experience. Very important central tenant to having a cloud environment
o Top notch engineering organization – need someone to help author materials for users to get most value from engineering
o Welcoming and collaborative group

Candidate Requirements
• Years of Experience Required: 5-7 overall years of experience in the field.
• Degrees or certifications required:
o Sponsor is happy to be flexible about the degree aspect if this person comes with the right mindset and experience
• Disqualifiers: N/A
• Best vs. Average:
o Self motivated – someone who not only wants to write but create video artifacts
o Someone who loves to learn and wants to learn what these products do and to contribute to the product through great documentation
o Flexible with background – someone who has succeeded in a very fast environment in the past and can quickly ramp / assimilate data from specs and designs
• Performance Indicators: Performance will be assessed based on quality of work and meeting deadlines.

Top 3 Hard Skills Required + Years of Experience
o 1. Experience with technical writing (NOT specs, needs someone who is comfortable with user-focused technical writing) (5+ YOE)
o 2. Experience with assimilation information of technical writing from a spec to create artifacts (5+ YOE)
o 3. Experience developing video artifacts (5+ YOE)

The target hiring compensation range for this role is the equivalent of $40 to $42 an hour. Compensation is based on several factors including, but not limited to education, relevant work experience, relevant certifications, and location.
Additional benefits offered may include; medical health insurance and dental insurance, life insurance, and eligibility to participate in 401k plan with company match.

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