Does this sound familiar?

GRABAGURU.COM has a consulting arm that provides expert guidance and counselling to your organisation. We know all the pitfalls and have senior employees at director, senior director or C level executives that know how to navigate the political waters of any organisation and provide thought leadership throughout your company and can get people to follow them. We are not going to upsell you, we work by word of mouth and by customer satisfaction alone.

Some of this might sound familiar:

  • You need more help as your project is not going to reach it’s deadline.
  • You don’t have months before the job application is filled.
  • You need industry vetted experts who can get started right away.
  • You need a large amount of these experts.
  • You need them to speak your language. Both culturally and linguistically.
  • Your current preferred suppliers are becoming too expensive.
  • You need someone who can translate business requirements across the organisation.
  • You need C level executives but are getting tired by the search.

We can provide custom tailored consulting, have an active global resource pool at our disposal and have experienced project managers, with certified experts in your desired field.

We will make sure we work with your requirements, get the right candidates, and work with you from start to finish. If you contact us now, you will get a dedicated account manager who can work with you and see to your every need, and we will provide a bid that is reflective of your spending budget.

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    Project Management

    Get experienced project managers

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    Certified Resources

    Get staff quickly

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    Tailor made

    We work with your specific requirements