About Our Company

Bringing new life to the job search industry. Made by job seekers, for job seekers.

We are a job search platform that was created in 2024 by somewhat frustrated job seekers. We feel that if you are qualified, employers should seek you out, not the other way around. But you need the right platform for that. At the same time, we feel employers got frustrated by current job platforms as well.

These days many job platforms have become social media platforms, and make it very difficult to focus on the one thing you want. A job or an employee. We made grabaguru.com to give a platform not to just one party, but to both employee and employer, where they can create a spot for themselves and where the the employer can find the exact candidates they want, where at the same time both parties can create branding for themselves.

We want to be a fresh voice in the job industry, and hitting the reset button on job sites. We go back to basics, and try not to loose track of what really matters. Keep the social media where it belongs, and keep jobs where they belong. On grabaguru.com!

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Our Featured Departments

See below for an overview of the additional services we provide. We can help you and your company with our many years of combined expertise. And we use the same services and people for building and evolving our own brand, so you can rely and trust that it gets you the results you need.

  • Consulting

    Our consulting arm is for when you need help right now. We provide expert guidance and our consultants have many years of combined expertise in Unix, Networking, Cloud, K8S, Virtualisation, Microservices, Migrations and Digital Transformation. We will not just help fix the problem, but we will give you a support framework and train your employees accordingly.

  • Executive Search

    If you need specific expertise, need help with your search, or are in need of vetted C level executives, we can help. We provide background checks and references and will keep you informed regularly. We also have a subscription based retainer service where we will inform you when certain exclusive candidates are available on the market.

  • Training

    Does your organisation require training on a specific topic ? We provide virtual as well as on site training, and have many courses on our site for employees to upskill. Our certified instructors will provide you with all that you need. Our trainers are friendly, personable, and can customise content to your specific need. Take a look at above training page for more information.

  • Certification

    We provide certification for the training we provide (ATS training, course, vendor etc) where you will get our own badge and certification for our trainings, as well as be prepared for vendor certification requirements. We have many years of certification experience and can guide you through the pitfalls of how to get ready for any of the major vendor certifications.

  • Events

    Our events department takes care of any events that we organise. It arranges meet-ups, keynote speakers, bookings, invites and everything else that goes with it. We can also provide event management for your specific company, tailored to your needs while using our extensive experience in event and brand management. Call us today to find out more!

  • Marketing

    Our marketing and research department organises campaigns, performs user engagement and retention, analytics, ad management, community building, and is well experienced in optimising SEO, A/B testing, as well as guerrilla marketing and global outreach. We can help you apply our expertise on your own brand, and see measurable results in brand recognition and revenue.

Meet the team that runs GRABAGURU.COM

Our Management Team

  • Matt Nunez

    CEO and Co-Founder

    Experience: 28 Years
  • Lori Ramo

    COO and Co-Founder

    Experience: 30+ Years
  • Frederick Constant


    Experience: 15 Years
  • Joel Dudley


    Experience: 10 Years
  • Joel Dudley


  • Peter Hawkins